Thursday, April 28, 2011

Book Memory and Reviews

I have the extraordinary luck of having a spring/summer position that affords me the time to read. Great, I think - time to expand my horizons of literature, maybe even time to store a few craft ideas away for when I teach writing someday.

Which would be a fabulous idea, if I could just remember what I've read.

Just last night, as I tried to make a list from memory, I got stuck on one title: I could pull up a character's name, the plot, even the ending, but not the title or author. Luckily, the character didn't have a very common name and Google found the book in one try. But that snag, along with the blank stare I usually give people when they ask for a book recommendation, is why I should probably start writing such things down.

I usually talk myself out of doing book reviews on this blog because I think, "Well I got that book from the new section at the library, but it's been out a year already," which is a dumb excuse considering a lot of people get their books out of the new section of the library. Also, I think, "I don't know how to write a book review," which is even dumber. [sarcasm] If there's one thing I hate, it's learning how to write something. [/sarcasm]

So keep on the lookout for my take on The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown, coming to this blog near you soon. And by soon I mean hopefully later today or tomorrow.

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